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New Series: February 5th-March 12th


In our favorite sports there are those plays that happen sometimes early or even late in the game that change everything.  There are players that when they are in the game the whole team plays differently.  Think Tom Brady, Lebron James. And then there are organizations that come into the world that change everything – Think Space X in space exploration, Apple with the iphone, Amazon in how we shop.

These plays and players and organizations change the temperature in the room, they electrify the stadium, they impact the culture at large. We believe that God is calling us to a journey that will be a gamechanger for our church, for our community, and for the people of Horizon west and west orange county.  During this series join us as we unveil the vision and dreams God is calling our church to on our property in Horizon West. It is sure to be…a gamechanger!

What To Expect

Wherever You Are, We're Happy To Have You


Coffee and Donuts

It’s free, so grab a cup and a donut before or after the service.  We believe that God is generous and we want to reflect that in all things.



Loud Music

This is not your grandma’s church. But you should bring her anyway. Music brings us all together and closer to God – so we can turn it up to 11.


Something Unexpected

We present biblical truths and show how they apply to our everyday lives. And we have a lot of fun while doing it.


Service Times & Location

Windermere Prep

Windermere Prep Cypress Center for the Arts

6189 Winter Garden Vineland Rd
Windermere, FL 34786

Service Time


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