Many of the people who attend Kensington are people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Maybe we’re still asking questions – like who God is… who Jesus is… what value does the Bible have, how can I pray? These are the big questions that are at the heart of what it means to have a relationship with God.

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We have a program that is designed exactly for people like you – it’s called Alpha. It’s a 10-week introduction to the Christian faith with friends. This isn’t something that Kensington cooked up, in fact, it’s likely that over a million people will take part in the Alpha Course around the world this winter.

You don’t have to come for the whole series — just check out the video to your left for the first session and see what you think. No pressure. 

Our next session  will begin February 17th at 7pm at the 2.4.6 (1009 S Dillard St, Winter Garden, 34787).