Current Series


The chosen is a TV series written about the life of Christ through the eyes of those He impacted. While staying faithful to the gospels this series tells us a story that is in between the lines of scripture. The Chosen brings to life those people that are mentioned in the bible using the historical context of the day and gives us a birds eye view of what life was like with Jesus. During this series we will be taking the major themes of each of the first 6 episodes and bringing depth and insight from scripture to teach deep biblical truths. Our hope is that as we encounter the characters in The Chosen, we are able to relate to them, leading us to a closer relationship to Jesus. For those of you that have read the gospels many times over The chosen is a fresh look at them and for those new to faith a heartfelt introduction to the life and impact of Jesus. Join us in watching 1 episode each week starting the week of July 4th.