Giving Philosophy


There is no better investment in the world than to give back what Jesus gave us.

God Owns Everything

Everything we have belongs to God and He has entrusted us to be good stewards. It is a privilege to be God’s instruments on earth and distribute His resources to a broken, hurting world. When we give we are actually making a conscious decision to exchange our plans, agendas and priorities for God’s.

How we handle our money and possessions shows how fearlessly we abide in Him.

Jesus talked more about money than virtually any other subject in the Bible. He said, “Where your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). That means we declare something to be truly important when we invest our money in it.

Giving grows our faith.

Giving demonstrates our faith that the God who has provided for us in the past will provide for us in the future. It’s the opposite of fear. Fearful people hang on with white-knuckles to anything they can get. Faithful people see everything in life as a gift from God – including their money. Every time we open our hands in generosity, we are saying to God, “This is yours anyway – please use it for your purposes.”


How does Kensington arrive at an annual budget?

Every year Kensington’s membership votes to approve our 12-month financial playbook. As a thriving church it takes about $600,000 to fuel our impact in Central Florida.  Your giving to the general fund is what makes it all possible.

How can I keep track of how much I give?

You can request a giving statement at any time by emailing  You can also login to your giving profile to see how much you have given.

What are Kensington's beliefs about money?

One of our core values is to “Live Openhandedly”.  We believe that God has blessed Kensington because we have followed two principles from the beginning.  First, we see ourselves as a pipeline God can use to bless his people through.  Second, we see money as a tool to help accomplish God’s will on the earth.  It was His to start with, we are only his money managers.

Where does Kensington get it's money?

It’s the financial generosity of the people in our community who call Kensington “home”.   They fuel the incredible life change we see around here.  Our support comes from individual contributions,  offerings, and the tithes of our attenders.

What is Kensington's view on tithing?

Under the Old Testament Law Isrealites were required to give 10% (a tithe) of their earnings.  The New Testament suggest a similar, but voluntary, pattern.  The Apostle Paul says believers should regularly set aside a portion of their income  to support the church. (1 Corinthians 16:1-2).  The exact amount isn’t specified, but we see 10% as a good benchmark.

How is Kensington's financial integrity monitored?

Were committed to full financial integrity.  Our elders oversee the management of our budget in concert with our Executive Team.  You can request a copy of the report to view how the money that is given is being managed.

How does the budgeting process work?

Each ministry area calculates their projected needs for the coming year.  Then our executive team reviews the figures and may recommend changes based on the overall vision of the church.  The final proposal covering all ministries and operations is then submitted to the elders for review then submitted to the congregation for our annual meeting in June.

Does Kensington have an open book policy?

Come on in and check it out.  We are glad to show our financial data to anyone who asks to see it.  If you have any questions please email Bill Milot

How much cash is Kensington staff bringing in?

In a church releasing income info could lead to misunderstandings among staff members and our congregation.  People might make value assessments without being privy to performance evaluations and other criteria used to compute salary.  We believe you can trust our leadership to make wise decisions.

What principles are used in setting salaries?

We survey similar churches across the country to see what similar staff positions pay.  We then weigh in the cost of living in the area, the individuals job performance, and the overall faithfulness and fruitfulness of the staff member.   

What happens with leftover money from the year?

In the unlikely event that would ever happen, there is a secret fund to bankroll our Lead Pastor’s private beach house and.  Once thats paid for, all extra monies will be set aside for his private yacht. JOKING!  all extra money is put back in to the general fund the following year.

Will I be pressured to give?

Never. We do receive and offering during our services but there is never, ever any pressure to give.  No guilt trips no squeezing.  Kensington is supported by people who have cheerfully chosen to make us their church home.  Giving is a  form of worship, not a form of torture.

Thank You

Your openhanded living is what allows us to reach more people with the message of Jesus.  From our school partner Dillard Elementary, to our local partners, to families in East Winter Garden in need, to our incredible staff team and those who have come to faith over the last 8 years we could go on forever celebrating the unbelievable things that have happened here.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. As we look back and reflect on the monumental impact, we are blown away. We couldn’t do any of this without the faithful financial partnership of each person that lives sacrificially.

If you have any specific questions about the proposed budget or our annual external audit, please stop by our offices or send us a note through the form below.


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