ManUp Men’s Ministry


ManUp Men's Ministry

In our society, being a man can be confusing.  There are a number of definitions according to the world’s standards.  But to God a real man is one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, engages with God, and leads courageously. ManUp exists to help men become Godly men through an environment of fun, relationships, teaching, and encouragement.  As husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, and spiritual leaders ManUp is geared toward equipping all men with the tools and relationships necessary to be the man that God designed them to be.

ManUp hosts several events to gather together. Be sure to check out all of events listed below and invite some friends to join you at one or more or all!

ManUp Events

We encourage you to join other Kensington men the last Friday of every month for coffee with local Men’s Ministry, Iron Men of God. This group meets every last Friday of the month from 7-8am at the Pilars Loft above Axum Coffee in downtown Winter Garden. 

Come watch the Saints and Bucks Monday Night Football game with Man Up Ministry on Monday, Dec 5th at our ministry facility, the 2.4.6 located at 1009 S Dillard St in WInter Garden! We will have pizza, soft drinks and snacks starting at 8pm.